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Get ready for some fast and furious fun with the beloved Dodgems! Imagine the excitement at your next event as 12 cars zoom around the dodgem track, with passengers of all ages crashing into each other. It’s a recipe for a thrill-filled experience!
Our Modern Dodgems are a sight to behold, featuring vibrant lights that illuminate the fairground atmosphere. Adorned with airbrushed artwork of famous F1 drivers and marvelous sports cars, this contemporary and cool ride offers a unique contrast to our classic-looking traditional dodgems. From Lewis Hamilton fans to Jeremy Clarkson enthusiasts, everyone will relish the chance to get behind the wheel and drive like a maniac. Rest assured, safety is our top priority, and our dodgems undergo thorough testing to ensure a safe and wild driving experience. So get ready to buckle up, hold on tight, and let the dodging and bumping begin! 




Set-up Time:

2-3 Hours

Prices starting from: £2550


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